Become an Affiliate

Would you like to introduce other people to a whole heap of ideas and inspiration for things they can do to bring joy, calm and fulfilment into their lives… instead of shopping?

When you are an Affiliate for Shop Less And Live More (part of the Shop Your Wardrobe suite of programs) you get paid for every person who buys something from the Shop Less And Live More website based on your recommendation.

How It Works

You sign up to become an Affiliate (see below in Get Started). You are provided with a unique Affiliate link that you use in all your communication about Shop Less And Live More. Every time that someone buys any of the Shop Less And Live More products because of your recommendation, we pay you a commission.

You do not need a blog or website to become an Affiliate – you can easily use your unique Affiliate link in email communications, or in social media posts.

If you have a website or blog, we provide you with some beautiful banners you can use – in posts, as an image in your sidebar, and so on.

So long as your affiliate promotion behaviour is ethical, we are happy for you to promote Shop Less And Live More in whatever way works for you.

We offer a generous affiliate fee of 30%. You’ll be paid straight into your PayPal account within 45 days of the sale. There are no minimum payments – what you earn you get paid no matter how big or small. We pay via PayPal so you will need to set up a PayPal account if you don’t have one already.

Part of the Shop Your Wardrobe Affiliate Program

The Shop Less And Live More suite of programs is part of the Shop Your Wardrobe suite of programs, all designed to help women who shop too much to stop or at least cut down, and to put shopping in its rightful place in their lives.

When you sign up to become an affiliate for Shop Less And Live More, you are joining the Shop Your Wardrobe affiliate program.  You can promote the Shop Your Wardrobe programs, too, if you wish, or just promote the Shop Less And Live More message, website and programs.

If you are already an affiliate of Shop Your Wardrobe, you do not need to resubmit an application to start promoting Shop Less And Live More.  You are already an affiliate for Shop Less and Live More by virtue of your affiliate status for Shop Your Wardrobe.

You can promote both Shop Your Wardrobe and Shop Less And Live More on your website, blog, and in other communications such as newsletters, emails and social media.  Both programs have their own unique set of badges, making it easy to promote both if you wish.

Your unique affiliate link will work for Shop Less And Live More promotions, and you can access the Shop Less And Live More badges and banners in the Shop Your Wardrobe affiliate area.  There are two ways to access the Shop Less And Live More badges:

  1.  Sign in to your account here and then look for the Shop Less Live More marketing group.
  2. Via the Affiliate Resources page.

Please see the Affiliate Resources page for more help.

A Personal Connection

We make a point to know our Affiliates personally if we don’t know them already, before welcoming them as Affiliates.  If we haven’t met before, then we’ll arrange to have some brief contact with you via email prior to confirming you as an Affiliate.

The purpose of the Affiliate Program is to provide a tangible way to say thank you for your support. Any time you mention Shop Less And Live More it helps us connect with more people who would benefit from the Shop Less And Live More message and products.

What You’ll Receive

  • A unique Affiliate link to use in all your communications about Shop Less And Live More
  • Access to beautiful banners to add oomph and memorability to your website or blog
  • 30% commission
  • Access to me for interviews, webinars and hangouts

Get Started

The first step is to fill in our Affiliates Sign-up Form.

You can expect to hear from us within a few days of submitting your application and hopefully you’ll soon be accepted and ready to move forward as an Affiliate.

Sign up here for the affiliate program and we’ll get you started!

P.S. You can contact us if you have any questions.

Already an Affiliate?

Sign in to your account here.  Get banners and resources there or from our Affiliate Resources page.