Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the postcards?

You may choose to visit here every day and find inspiration in the daily postcard on the home page.  All the postcards will appear on the Home page throughout the year, a fresh one every day.  Access to them is free – they are here for you to enjoy and make use of.

Or you can receive all the postcards via our daily email series or via our e-book – find out more and purchase on our Products page.

How do I use the postcards?

  • It’s entirely up to you to interpret the postcards as you wish. Some are quite concrete and specific, and others are deliberately more abstract and open-ended. You may choose to take the postcards literally and do the specific thing suggested on it or you may choose to take the suggestion on the postcard as a jumping off point to create your own activity for the day.
  • If a postcard isn’t applicable to you and your situation, feel free to make up another activity to use that day, or use the suggested activity as a starting point to do something related to the activity.
  • If you don’t understand any of the daily e-postcards, feel free to research it online or by asking other people to give you their take on it. Or even better, make up your own interpretation.
  • Feel free to make the e-postcards mean anything you want them to mean. They are not prescriptions, they are suggestions only.
  • Some of these activities may be easy and quick to do, some may be more challenging, require more thought, or take more time.
  • Try out all 365 postcards. Really take them on, do them with gusto and enthusiasm! Pretend they matter, that doing them fully – with heart, with confidence, with total commitment – makes a difference. Because it might.
  • Put everything into doing the suggestion on the card. However big or small the suggestion is, take it on! Own the activity, play big – not half-hearted and small (you’re better than that). Give yourself fully to each suggestion – give it some charm, give it your all.
  • Do each suggestion in the order they appear or do them when the mood strikes you.
  • Some postcards might inspire you to incorporate that activity into your daily life, or to try something new or do something differently.  Have the courage and the commitment to make that change.

However you use them, my sincere hope is that these postcards inspire you to live your life – fully, richly, deeply, lightly, playfully, lovingly, controversially, chaotically, calmly — however you wish to live it, but truly lived, the way that only you can do it.

More suggestions can be found here.

I encourage you to play with the e-postcards, and find new and helpful ways of using them.  (And if you do find any particularly intriguing or unique ways of using them, please let me know!  You can drop me a line.

Will this program cure or fix my shopping problem?

The Shop Less And Live More postcards and products (the email series + e-book) are not designed to act as a cure for an overshopping problem. That is not their purpose.   Their purpose is to inspire you to turn your time and attention to other thing besides shopping, and in that way to help retrain your brain into knowing there are other things besides shopping that can be bring joy, comfort, ease, distraction when needed, and a sense that life is indeed worth living without all that shopping.

Based on the research I’ve done, sourced from many experts who have researched and written on this issue of compulsive and impulsive overshopping, as well as my own experiences of owning up to having an overshopping problem and doing something about it, I’m not sure it’s even helpful to be thinking about cures and fixes.  Personally, I don’t feel fixed or cured, even after my own year without clothes shopping and all the work I’ve done since then to live a life of lightness and joy without overshopping.

What I do feel is that I now have effective and reliable ways of managing my compulsion to overshop.  And I do feel like my life is so much better than when I was in the grip of an overshopping problem.  But I don’t feel cured as such, and I’m not sure that anything will ever replace shopping as my ineffective and unhealthy crutch and cure-all for all that ails me.

I didn’t create this daily postcard series to cure or fix anyone else’s shopping problems, including my own.  I created them to provide inspiration on things to do and ways of thinking and feeling that will support other initiatives you are undertaking to address your shopping issue, in whatever way you need to address it.

These postcards are a sister product to my year-long premier program for women who shop too much and want to stop but don’t know how or where to start, My Year Without Clothes Shopping.

Do I have to stop shopping while I’m receiving or using the daily e-postcards?

It’s entirely up to you how or even if you change your shopping behaviour while you use and enjoy these postcards.  There is no requirement for you to change anything about your shopping behaviour, that’s for sure.

So you may choose to make no deliberate changes to your shopping behaviour, and continue on as you are… you may find, though, that as you use these postcards, in whatever way you wish, that your shopping behaviour changes even without you trying to change it, or setting yourself a goal of changing it.

Or you may choose to set yourself a challenge or a goal to shop less, as the postcards suggest.  I believe there is great power (learning, enlightenment) in shopping less, or even stopping altogether for a period of time.

And I certainly believe that there is unique access to your personal style statement through the limiting or temporary ceasing of shopping.

But those decisions are all yours, you are in the driver’s seat.

Whatever you decide to do regarding your shopping goals and behaviour, I would encourage you to pay fresh attention to how you shop, why you shop and how your shopping attitudes change as you use and enjoy the postcards – you may be surprised and delighted at what you discover!

What should I expect from the postcards? Is this like other programs that teach you how to live your life?

This is not a program in the traditional sense – it is not an instruction-based program and it is not a step-by-step guide. It is likely different to anything else you have come across, in that it is an invitation to explore and to create for yourself.

I am quite sincere when I say this approach is radical because it invites you to think for yourself.

There are oodles of programs you can buy and download that will give you a step-by-step blueprint on how to create and live your life. Do this, then that, steps 1 – 10, in this order. And if that’s what you are looking for, you’ll surely find it – there’s no shortage of instruction-based, prescriptive programs on how to live your life.

But that’s not what you’ll get if you purchase the email series or buy the e-book. The postcards are not a program that spoon feeds you.

There are no instructions – but lots of invitations.

There are no directions – but lots of thought-starters.

The postcards are deliberately designed to open up the space for you to play. It gives you a place, every day, to start exploring new things – new ideas, new actions, new perspectives. Each postcard invites you to stand in a different position to where you were before. And to discover for yourself what you see, what that means, and where you want to go from there.

Call me crazy, but I have faith in you that you not only can explore for yourself and think for yourself, but that you’re better off if you do so.

There are 365 postcards and when you buy the email series, you will receive one per day. Some of these postcards you will love – they will be right up your alley. Others you won’t enjoy so much, and some you may actively dislike. Some will catalyse you and inspire you to explore, and others will not. This is to be expected.

I do not give refunds in the first 30 days because of these reasons: It takes a while to get into the swing of these postcards, to find your own rhythm and to find postcards that speak to you and that encourage you to explore and to take action.

In 30 days, if you are using the postcards as intended and really giving it a fair go, I am confident you will find value in the postcards.

I’ve signed up for the daily email series, but I need to pause the emails. Can I do that?

We recommend that you sign up for the email series when you’re ready to receive them as they were intended – on a daily basis.  And we do prefer not to suspend the email series, and restart you at a later time, once you’ve signed up.

That said, we do offer a paid service where we can stop/suspend your emails, and restart you again at a later date.  Click here for more information.

I’m having technical issues, who can help me quickly?

If you have a technical issue such as:

  • You’ve signed up for the email series and aren’t receiving the daily postcards
  • you aren’t able to download the e-book
  • any other problem of a technical nature

then contact our Tech Support. We’ll be back to you very quickly and help you sort out your issue.

How can I make sure I receive the emails?

It’s worth being sure that you use an email address which you have some control over and allows you to receive system-generated emails.  (We have discovered that some work email addresses are particularly aggressive about filtering emails sent via a system such as Aweber, which we use, and this can cause problems in receiving your daily emails).

If you only have a work email address, we strongly suggest that you consider setting up a personal email address instead.  It’s quick and free/cheap to set up an email address on GmailHotmail or Yahoo and it will ensure that we get you all signed up easily, quickly and without hassle, and that your Daily emails come through every single time without a hitch.

The other thing you should do is to make sure that you whitelist us.

How do I whitelist you?

Our email address is .

You can find instructions here on how to whitelist us in a variety of popular email programs.


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