Do I have to stop shopping while I’m receiving or using the daily e-postcards?


It’s entirely up to you how or even if you change your shopping behaviour while you use and enjoy these postcards.  There is no requirement for you to change anything about your shopping behaviour, that’s for sure.

So you may choose to make no deliberate changes to your shopping behaviour, and continue on as you are… you may find, though, that as you use these postcards, in whatever way you wish, that your shopping behaviour changes even without you trying to change it, or setting yourself a goal of changing it.

Or you may choose to set yourself a challenge or a goal to shop less, as the postcards suggest.  I believe there is great power (learning, enlightenment) in shopping less, or even stopping altogether for a period of time.

And I certainly believe that there is unique access to your personal style statement through the limiting or temporary ceasing of shopping.

But those decisions are all yours, you are in the driver’s seat.

Whatever you decide to do regarding your shopping goals and behaviour, I would encourage you to pay fresh attention to how you shop, why you shop and how your shopping attitudes change as you use and enjoy the postcards – you may be surprised and delighted at what you discover!