How do I use the postcards?

  • It’s entirely up to you to interpret the postcards as you wish. Some are quite concrete and specific, and others are deliberately more abstract and open-ended. You may choose to take the postcards literally and do the specific thing suggested on it or you may choose to take the suggestion on the postcard as a jumping off point to create your own activity for the day.
  • If a postcard isn’t applicable to you and your situation, feel free to make up another activity to use that day, or use the suggested activity as a starting point to do something related to the activity.
  • If you don’t understand any of the daily e-postcards, feel free to research it online or by asking other people to give you their take on it. Or even better, make up your own interpretation.
  • Feel free to make the e-postcards mean anything you want them to mean. They are not prescriptions, they are suggestions only.
  • Some of these activities may be easy and quick to do, some may be more challenging, require more thought, or take more time.
  • Try out all 365 postcards. Really take them on, do them with gusto and enthusiasm! Pretend they matter, that doing them fully – with heart, with confidence, with total commitment – makes a difference. Because it might.
  • Put everything into doing the suggestion on the card. However big or small the suggestion is, take it on! Own the activity, play big – not half-hearted and small (you’re better than that). Give yourself fully to each suggestion – give it some charm, give it your all.
  • Do each suggestion in the order they appear or do them when the mood strikes you.
  • Some postcards might inspire you to incorporate that activity into your daily life, or to try something new or do something differently.  Have the courage and the commitment to make that change.

However you use them, my sincere hope is that these postcards inspire you to live your life – fully, richly, deeply, lightly, playfully, lovingly, controversially, chaotically, calmly — however you wish to live it, but truly lived, the way that only you can do it.

More suggestions can be found here.

I encourage you to play with the e-postcards, and find new and helpful ways of using them.  (And if you do find any particularly intriguing or unique ways of using them, please let me know!  You can drop me a line.