Will this program cure or fix my shopping problem?


The Shop Less And Live More postcards and products (the email series + e-book) are not designed to act as a cure for an overshopping problem. That is not their purpose.   Their purpose is to inspire you to turn your time and attention to other thing besides shopping, and in that way to help retrain your brain into knowing there are other things besides shopping that can be bring joy, comfort, ease, distraction when needed, and a sense that life is indeed worth living without all that shopping.

Based on the research I’ve done, sourced from many experts who have researched and written on this issue of compulsive and impulsive overshopping, as well as my own experiences of owning up to having an overshopping problem and doing something about it, I’m not sure it’s even helpful to be thinking about cures and fixes.  Personally, I don’t feel fixed or cured, even after my own year without clothes shopping and all the work I’ve done since then to live a life of lightness and joy without overshopping.

What I do feel is that I now have effective and reliable ways of managing my compulsion to overshop.  And I do feel like my life is so much better than when I was in the grip of an overshopping problem.  But I don’t feel cured as such, and I’m not sure that anything will ever replace shopping as my ineffective and unhealthy crutch and cure-all for all that ails me.

I didn’t create this daily postcard series to cure or fix anyone else’s shopping problems, including my own.  I created them to provide inspiration on things to do and ways of thinking and feeling that will support other initiatives you are undertaking to address your shopping issue, in whatever way you need to address it.

These postcards are a sister product to my year-long premier program for women who shop too much and want to stop but don’t know how or where to start, My Year Without Clothes Shopping.