Pause-Restart Email Series


Thank you for signing up for regular emails from the Shop Less And Live More and My Year Without Clothes Shopping programs.

We understand that you have signed up with the best intentions of receiving these emails as they were intended – on a daily or weekly basis; and you know that we prefer not to suspend the email series, and restart you at a later time, once you’ve signed up.

That said, we know that sometimes life happens and you may need to hit the pause button for a little while and to stop receiving the regular emails from us until a future date.  We can do that for you.

To pause you now and restart you later takes some time and effort on our end, why is why we offer this as a paid service for a very small fee (which just covers the cost of providing the service).    Here’s how it works:

  • Click the button to use the Pause-Restart service and make your payment.  If you know when you’d like to restart, write that date in the Restart Date area at checkout, so our Tech Support person, Aileen, will know when to restart your emails.  You’ll receive an email from us, confirming that your emails have been paused.
  • If you have not provided us with a date to re-start the emails, then you will need to do this manually.  When you are ready to re-start the regular emails, send an email to Tech Support to ask to be re-started.  You can use our Tech Support contact form or make a note of our techsupport email address to use when you need it.

Yes I want to use the Pause-Restart Service

Note: If you wish to pause and restart again, which we wouldn’t recommend but it’s your choice, you will need to repeat this process, including paying for this service again.