Shop Less and Live More E-Book


An e-book chock full of inspiration to shop less and live more, every day

The Shop Less and Live More e-book is designed to give you ideas and inspiration for things you can do to bring joy, calm and fulfilment into your life … instead of shopping.

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An e-book chock full of inspiration to shop less and live more, every day

The Shop Less and Live More e-book is designed to give you ideas and inspiration for things you can do to bring joy, calm and fulfilment into your life … instead of shopping.

Do you …

  • Love shopping and think of it as your favourite hobby …And know deep down that you’ve put shopping in a glorified place in your life and made it too important …
  • Shop frequently – perhaps every day or at least weekly …And know that it’s just too much – you’re just spending too much time and money on ‘incoming’ …
  • Have a lot of stuff – clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, and all the rest …But aren’t using all of it, perhaps not using even a quarter of it …
  • When you’re not shopping, you’re thinking about shopping, perhaps even obsessing over some item (or many items) you’ve seen in the stores or online …And feel that your shopping is not quite under control –  it just can’t be healthy to be thinking so much about shopping and things you want to buy …
  • Keep the extent of your shopping a secret from others …And feel bad about not being honest about how much you buy or how much shopping consumes you …
  • Realise that you need to shop less … But aren’t sure where to start or how to do it …
  • Want to live your life fully, richly and joyously …And know that shopping isn’t the pathway to living that kind of life

If this is you, then these Shop Less and Live More inspirational postcards are for you.

Life is to be lived, not spent

Your life is too precious for anything less than to be deeply and richly lived, every moment of every day.

And I know firsthand that life, real and wonderful, isn’t found in buying more and more stuff, or spending more time in the mall.

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I want you to …

  • Put shopping in its rightful place in your life – we all need to shop, but it’s empowering to choose the shopping that you do, not shop without thought for what you really need and want
  • Realise now how unimportant shopping is to a life well lived, and to live your life that way from this moment on
  • Live your lifefully and on your own terms.  Life is not found in the mall, and I want you to have a rich and wonderful life filled with people, experiences and contributions that make your heart sing
  • Inspire you to do other uplifting, joyful, fulfilling, challenging and interesting things – apart from shopping
  • Give you specific and imaginative ways to life your life on your own terms
  • Define for yourself what a life well lived is – a full, rich, deep, light, playful, loving, controversial, chaotic, calm or however you wish to define and live it life
  • Encourage you to live your life every day – the way that only you can do it

This e-book contains all 365 postcards and is the product of my imagination and work (and a lot of love).  You won’t find these postcards anywhere else, they are a unique offering from me.  They are one of a number of resources and products I’ve created to help people find joy and fulfilment in their lives apart from shopping.

Check out our sample postcards here – they will show you just how beautiful, fun and inspirational the postcards are.

How you can get a copy of the e-book …

  • It’s easy.  Just click on the big button on this page, and you’ll be taken straight to payment.
  • As soon as your payment is processed (which takes about a minute or so), you will be taken to a download page.
  • On the download page, you will be provided with easy instructions to save the e-book onto your computer or wherever you wish to save it.
  • Once you have downloaded the Shop Less And Live More e-book, it is yours to use in whatever way you like.  I would ask you to please make note of copyright issues.  You have full personal access to use the e-postcards contained in the e-book, but not to distribute or reproduce them.  Which includes not passing along a copy of the e-book to anyone else who hasn’t paid for it, or sharing your download details with others.  You are paying for one copy only to use for personal use only.  We value you respecting the copyright of this wonderful e-book.
  • The Shop Less And Live More e-book is delivered online and you can get a copy of it anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer/tablet and access to the internet.
  • The e-book contains all 365 postcards.  These are the same as the postcards you will find here on the website, changing every day on the Home page.  The difference is you receive them all in one downloadable e-book – you don’t have to come back to the website every day to get your daily dose of inspiration
  • The e-book is provided in PDF – Portable Document Format, one of the global standard for e-books.  This means you can open and read it, save and print it – but you can’t edit or change it
  • With this e-book, we’ve made it easy for you to be inspired to shop less and live more – you have all the e-postcards in one place, in one document!
  • The Shop Less And Live More e-postcards are full of inspiring ideas for you to think of your own and other ways to live your life more fully and on your own terms.

The Shop Less And Live More e-book is $19 – that’s all you have to pay to receive access to all 365 postcards full of ideas and inspiration.  That’s 5 cents a postcard.

The Shop Less And Live More e-book is available now.  To get your very own copy of all 365 postcards chock full of inspiration to live more and shop less, click on the button below.

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